Why I was absent

It is a long time from my last post but so much have happened during this time period. Initially I was involved in the organization of local Global Azure Bootcamp in Thessaloniki. It was our first attempt to organize an one day event and we are very satisfied by the result. It is an amazing feeling to be part of a global community for one day. Right after Azure Bootcamp, Microsoft’s biggest development conference took place in San Fransisco. At Build tons of new features were announced and I am still straggling to watch all the interesting videos on Channel 9. Lastly I attended the first international development conference that was organized in the city I am living, in Thessaloniki. Devit took place on Friday 15th of May and it was very successful and amazingly well organized conference.


asp.net vNext is the next version of the well know web stack framework and I won’t describe it at all as it’s quite easy to find details about it. It’s not yet production ready but that point comes really close. I am very interested on this new web stack and the direction it gets so I am playing with it when the time permits. Among the other changes the core team has done, they also changed the way the client side package management is done. The framework adopts well known practices on the field and adds to the core system tools like npm and bower package managers and gulp and grunt tasks runners. For the people that are not familiar with basic nodejs development and client side package management they should spend some time and study those as it’s part of the next version of asp.net. An excellent place to start the reading is the newly added official documentation site of asp.net vNext.

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