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React is a JavaScript library that allows us to build modern and complex web interfaces. It’s becoming more and more popular and there is a huge buzz around it. The last is absolutely normal as Facebook is the creator of the library and they have heavily invested on it. They even have developed some architecture guidelines on how to build a React application which is called Flux. Lately I am involved in a project that we are using these tools and I have to say it is really fun as it is a fresh technology and certainly changes the way I was used to develop web applications. Lastly React is one of the best libraries out there to develop what is called an Isomorphic JavaScript application. I won’t explain more why isomorphic looks like a safe choice for the future of the web as this is not the goal of the post.

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Babis Karypidis

Hi, I am Babis Karypidis, a Greek software engineer who tries to fit other activities, except development, in his life.

Freelance Software Engineer focusing on .NET, Azure and React.js

Thessaloniki, Greece